Supply & Procurement


Mehr Pars Kft. The logistics component provides comprehensive services including purchase, expediting, inspection, procurement and material management. The logistics management team supports all current ongoing projects and operational day-to-day operational responsibilities.

Procurement Management

The MPK Logistics Management Team is able to fully and efficiently implement, co-ordinate and control all phases of a project's development cycle. Their experience also allows Mehr Pars to advise on all aspects of logistics. They guarantee customer satisfaction by executing projects professionally and professional manner.


MPK's team of professional buyers has many years experience in purchasing a wide variety and volume of equipment and materials from country's sources to both tight schedule and cost targets.


The service that is provided by our team of professional Expediters, individually or collectively, ensures the timely delivery of all material and equipment whilst not compromising quality. Mehr Pars in-house system allows the monitoring and control of all orders and sub-orders on a pro-active basis, ensuring that the integrity of equipment and material deliveries are protected, thereby maintaining client satisfaction.


The Inspection Group provides assurance that purchased equipment and materials comply with purchase order requirements. This is achieved by surveillance at suppliers' works and review of suppliers' quality documentation. The extent of inspection performed will be determined in relation to the criticality of the items concerned.

Materials Management

Materials Management provides an integrated materials work process and system to facilitate the cost effective and timely identification, quantification, acquisition, delivery and installation of all equipment and materials. In addition, they also provide complete on-line materials information to Users, Projects and Clients.
SCM (Supply Chain Management) as a methodology considered in Mehr Pars organization and instruction
Engineering will be conducted in a systematic approach and all results will be awarded to project clients.

According to Mehr Pars working background, also complete field engineering services and engineering services are available on the basis of customer requirements or projects.

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