Palace Mehr project will be built Zafaranieh region (the most luxurious region of Tehran). Palace Mehr residential complex, in 10 units with a total infrastructure of 2,900 square meters, on 6 floors above the ground floor level and 2 basement floors, will be designed and implemented on one of the northern slopes of Tehran. The […]

Unique Design (MEHR-6 in Tehran)

The Mehr 6 project, with commercial and office use, has 10 floors, including 5 office floors, 2 commercial floors and 3 parking floors. In the unique design of this green project, aesthetic aspects and the best volumetric composition have been observed, and in its interior design, transparency and readability in constructing the space have been […]

KISH MEHR(A&D CMPLX in Kish Island)

Kish Mehr coastal construction project (Adrina and Delsa complexes) with a modern architectural design and based on the standards of a healthy construction and in accordance with the specific climatic conditions of Kish Island is being completed on a land with an area of approximately 1,010 square meters on Kish Island. Kish Mehr Beach Project […]

Selected facade as the Best (MEHR-5 in Tehran)

Mehr 5 residential building with 1,200 square meters of Residential space has been built in District 2, Gisha neighborhood in Tehran. The Mehr 5 residential project is a 10-unit residential complex with 5 floors, 1 ground floor and 1 basement. Mehr 5 is the selected facade of the building by the municipality of Tehran’s District 2, […]

Great Location, Great Design, Great Quality (Royal Mehr)

Royal Mehr is the new generation in the Debrecen close to City Center.

The Consolidated Sketch near Milad Tower (MEHR-3 in Tehran)

Ideally located in the Gisha neighbourhood, this unique, central view point in Tehran allows you to see all of the city’s most famous attractions: the Milad Tower, the International Exhibition, the Goftegoo Park, the familiar streets and rooftops… The Milad Tower Observation deck is the perfect vantage point for taking in all the city’s vibrancy, […]

Nice combination design in calm city center (MEHR-2 in Tehran)

Nowadays is so difficult to find calm place in city center of the big capital city with more than 10 million population.In this way, our company had focused to find great location for whom are concerning about relaxing and at the same time location. we found our goal and made it during 2010-2012, modern apartments […]

Taste of Roman Architecture in Tehran (MEHR-1 in Tehran)

In October 2010, The company has made ceremony to open new project in the surface field around 700 square meters and 3000 square meters as concrete slab structure. In this project according to company’s attitude, company decided to make fabulous building in the taste of roman architecture design for the part of customer that they […]

The MEHR-4 in Tehran

The iconic Building has redefined the Tehran Highest altitude and is already a big symbol for Modern Building and most energy saving . A mixed-use “vertical city,” it offers more than 3,800 square meters of Residential space on 7 floors, two floors of gallery and store. It is crowned with a Travertine Stone had designed to […]

project for 40 years

Mehr Pars Kft. (MPK) has a history of 40 years of experience in producing quality apartments for lodging. During our age we built more than 500 unit apartments, stores and offices.