Project Management

The status of the Mehr Pars Kft. (MPK) as a leader in project management through the successful application of innovative techniques for project control and management. Now the MPK management team is using its extensive experience to provide customer advice on project management and appropriate control procedures.

All projects, large or small, must be professionally managed to succeed. Mehr Pars Kft. (MPK) is highly qualified to assist and advise on this task and has extensive experience in working with many types of projects.

Project management involves planning, implementing, controlling and coordinating the functions of the project with the goal of completing the project within the program and within the budget. To achieve this, project management needs to be clearly defined:

- What is to be done?
- Who will do it?
- When it will be done?
- How much it will cost?

Then, proven control procedures apply to these designs.

Mehr Pars Kft. (MPK) project management services include:

– Financing and project evaluation

– Selection of design teams

– Choice of contractors

– Development of contract strategies

– Details of project procedures

– Design and surveillance specifications

– Preparing estimates and controlling costs

– Planned and planned budgets

– Procurement of plant and equipment

– Detailed reports on problems and decisions required

– Co-ordination of final inspection and project transfer

– Manage and maintain a long-term site

Mehr Pars Kft. (MPK) can provide its knowledge of a wide range of management tools and procedures to enhance customer project management capabilities. This can cover the following areas:

- Planning and scheduling
- Estimating
- Cost control
- Document control
- Procurement and supplier information
- Material control
- Contracts management
- Design management
- QA/QC monitoring
- Construction management
- Safety management
- Risk management
- Value engineering
- Handover

Mehr Pars Kft. Project management is considered the key to successful engineering. They have created their reputation for quality and ability to deliver projects in time and budget. This is an experience that allows the Mehr Pars Kft. Provide extensive project management consulting services.