Human resources

Human resources

Mehr Pars has two level of organization as below:

Functional parts: A functional section related to company issues and its life cycle, like the company (except for those that are reorganized).

Project: Before the project starts, it changes according to project requirements and restrictions (even in quality or quantity).

A Functional Division serves as a resource base for the subset of related projects. According to this theory, there is a different responsibility and authority for performance managers and project managers.

Functional manager

- Hire
- Wake up
- Education
- Long term evaluation
- Agenda
- Company policy
- Performance evaluation

Project Manager

- Work plan
- Need or refuse
- Short term evaluation
- Short-term personal problems
- Project policy
- Performance evaluation

For key company personnel and project management team (PMT) members: A foundation in the company / project organization and project management / project management policy should include an apprenticeship plan (including the level of elimination and the duration of the necessity).
For each occupation, a JQAR (including job specifications, minimum privilege for assigned personnel, job responsibilities, responsibilities, direct or indirect reporting, evaluation, etc.) must be provided.
Finding and assigning "the right man for the right job".
Performance evaluation and distance estimation. (For members of the PMT, after the implementation of the project, the member is assigned to his pool of resources)