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    Mehr Pars Kft. (MPK) has a history of 40 years of experience in producing quality apartments for lodging. During our age we built more than 500 unit apartments, stores and offices.
    The company intends to use its experiences in the city of Debrecen to produce houses of high quality, with the help of brand firms and the renowned and successful engineers of the city, and will continue to develop its executive functions over time.
    Our goal is to create employment with better construction and superior quality, as well as the optimal use of energy and the use of the most quality materials in construction.

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    We started to work together on your above project about one and a half year ago. First of all, let me emphasize that it was honor for me to work with you.
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    Mr. SZÖLLŐSI Tibor Managing Director of ÓRADNA INGATLAN Kft.

    Mr. Nasrollah Mahjouri Founder/ CEO

    Ms. Marjan Mahjouri Founder/ CEO
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    Compliance with the project timetable and delivery of work within the timeframe and according to the employer’s demands is one of the main concerns that is always considered among all personnel of the company, including managers, employees and executive forces. Hence, one of the main objectives of Mehr Pars Company is to fulfill all the demands of the employer on the basis of the agreements between them, which has led to a promising approach among employers.

    The company strives to build high quality, durable and modern buildings using the latest design, use of modern materials of high quality, and the use of innovative ideas.

    Considering the wishes, ambiguities and views of the employer, Mehr Pars Company has a significant position. In this company, the slogan “is always the right customer” is based on the provision of technical and engineering services.

    Utilize the science of engineering, possessing experienced personnel and familiarity with software and modern methods of designing and building, and having numerous experiences in the implementation of buildings; Mehr Pars company distinguishes itself in the field of providing the needs of different employers with different tastes. . It should be noted that the company participates in all the executive projects that it accepts, in addition to building a beautiful, modern and well-liked employer, in the field of obtaining stationary permits and the end of the project, the necessary steps have been completed successfully.

    In the implementation of specific projects, such as reconstruction work or infrastructure development, we are facing a lot of problems. The need to maintain uninterrupted serviceability, limited time to run the project, the need to maintain the comfort of the inhabitants of the building and prevent damage to existing structures is one of the things that in practice limits the choice of the construction system used for such projects. Choosing the right building system makes it possible, in a very short time, to implement a variety of projects in a limited time and environment.

    Social and cultural changes, coupled with tangible changes in the taste and taste of the public, have changed the patterns and methods of building. Beauty, standardization and luxury makeup are among the parameters that will win investors in the construction industry.

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