Mehr Pars Kft. provides a wide range of Construction services. Through Mehr Pars exclusive asset with the top managers experiences, MPK's Construction has at its access unprecedented depth of experienced and highly skillful Construction personnel coupled with proven procedures, constructability techniques and work processes.


Safety First

Construction safety record in the field is both something that Mehr Pars is very proud of and an area on which Mehr Pars is trying to improve constantly. Through Mehr Pars obligation to HSE and safe working practices, safety on site and in the office is always MPK's management first concern.

Construction Management

The Construction function provides support all along the lifecycle of the project from auction and proposals to engineering and procurement before taking the lead in the construction phase. This makes use of MPK's expert knowledge of planning and implementation, environmental conditions, schedule, cost, construction techniques and communications between suppliers, workforce and client. These skills and knowledge make for timely and safe construction execution and pass both cost and schedule savings on to our clients as well as a quality product.


Featured Projects