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Design & Build Package

Mehr Pars Kft. Providing a wide range of design and engineering services including thorough engineering and feasibility studies by our expert engineering team in the following fields: CSA (Civil, Structure & Architecture)

Building Renovation

Reconstruction of the building, rebuilding the apartment, and rebuilding the house, along with home decoration, is the only way to preserve and restore the old buildings to fit the new lifestyle. Basically, old buildings in cities are valuable financial and memorable investments. But the problems and the lack of compatibility with the new life as well as the burnout of their facilities have made it hard to live in.

Project Management

The status of the Mehr Pars Kft. (MPK) as a leader in project management through the successful application of innovative techniques for project control and management. Now the MPK management team is using its extensive experience to provide customer advice on project management and appropriate control procedures.

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